Offre de contrats postdoctoraux

The AXA Research Fund will be offering up to twenty-five (25) Post-Doctoral Fellowships to outstanding researchers. Each grant can be up to one hundred and thirty thousand euros (€130,000) at most and for a duration of eighteen (18) to twenty-four (24) month period. To that end, the AXA Research Fund implements two bottom-up calls for applications addressed to the research institutions registered in the AXA Research Fund database and willing to host Post-Doctoral Fellowship candidates. The research project must fall within the scope of the mission of the AXA Research Fund, that is, to fund basic science dedicated to developing a better understanding of global risks – Life Risks : Ageing, dependency and long-term care, Chronic diseases, Well-being and prevention, Public Health & healthcare systems, are resarch topics supported. [Requesting a slot before : Nov. 3, 2016; Deadline for submission: Dec. 6, 2016]